Napa Wine Tasting Tour: Joseph Phelps Winery


{Sunday morning tasting at Joseph Phelps Winery. Same table we had three years ago!}
{Gorgeous view from our tasting table}
{Will and the Joseph Phelps' mascot Henry}
(The font is too small to see but this is a list of the wine we tasted, including the 2007 Insignia. Lucky girls}
{A collection of wines in the indoor tasting room}
{The group from left: Jacqueline, Daniela, me, Claire, Blake, Whitney, Will, Kristine}

On our final day in Napa, we went to see our friend Will, who happened to be in town, at his family's winery, Joseph Phelps Winery. Pictures don't do the property justice, but the view from our corner table is unreal. We were treated to a tasting (thanks Will!) and afterward stocked up on some wine. Ian and I bought some Fogdog Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon to save for a special occasion and I picked some up for my parents as well.


Stephanie said...

Me and shane got some of the fogdog too when we went in may! So good! I don't usually like chardonnay's but their ovation is really good also!

Roasted Grounds Coffee Co. said...

I am DYING to go to Napa! Looks like you had fun :)