J-Dig Cards


My friends and family poke fun at me for how over-zealous I get about birthdays and holidays. I love finding the perfect gifts and cards to go with them, and it is not uncommon for me to have a gift and card ready for months before a friend’s birthday. Case in point: my girlfriends and I will be celebrating a few birthdays this weekend when we are reunited in Napa and I have had the gifts and cards ready and waiting for a few months now!

I love finding the perfect card just as much as the perfect gift, and lately I have been into J-Dig Cards. This hilarious birthday card and holiday card are two of my favorites. Check out J-Dig Cards and stay tuned for a giveaway from the Dallas-based card company!


Julie-Inspired said...

You are very organized! Good for you...I wish I could be like! Have a lovely day!

Julie xo