Happy Birthday Daniela!


{At Street Scene in San Diego, pretty sure that is Claire's pony tail in front of us. And yes, we know the guy smiling behind us!}
{This was taken last year at Coachella. If you know Daniela you know why it's only appropriate that I included a photo of her mid-dance move!}

During our trip to Napa, we also celebrated Daniela's 25th birthday, which is today. These are two of my favorite photos with Daniela, and its no coincidence that they were both snapped at music festivals, because we have been to so many together over the years! Happy birthday Danz--can't wait to celebrate tonight, love you ;)


katie said...

I love these pictures!!! Happy Birthday Daniela... cant wait to celebrate.

Whitney said...

love that coachella shot!!

Daniela said...

aw cute! katie i cant wait either!!! love you kirb