Do You Riesling?


So I know it's still early in the morning, but it's Friday for goodness sake, so I'm assuming it's acceptable to have a wine post. Keep in mind that this is rather painful for me to write being that I am in a wine drought at the moment, however I come from an Italian family where wine is routinely part of our heart and soul, and also a good method of diffusing hot headed tempers. Although it can also lead to hot headed arguments, as in who drank the rest of the bottle? Or, who stole the mozzarella cheese from the basement? But that's another story. What I'm saying is that when I see something that must be passed along to my fellow wine connoisseurs, I shall not shy away.

My favorite white varietal is Riesling, specifically those German Rieslings. has the perfect post up in their kitchen blog: a list of reputable Mosel Rieslings all for $20 or less! Fabulous. Visit their
blog to find out what labels you should be ordering and have a glass for me!

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Samantha said...

Love it!! I tried Riesling for the first time during my wine class when I was in Italy and I've been looking for a good one here in the US- I'll def check out that list! Have a great time in Napa this weekend!


PS- It's never too early in the morning for a wine post : )

Samantha said...

I just realized that Alexa wrote this post and Kirby is going to Napa. Oops! I hope you both have a great weekend- one with and one without wine!


Dr. Christian G.E. Schiller said...

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