Yes This Is Another Rachel Zoe Post


"I would die for Rachel's vintage archive." - Francisco Costa
"Death by Stiletto? I can't imagine a better way to go." - Brian Atwood
"I only want to kill Rachel when I don't land one of her fabulous clients for the Oscars!" - Vera Wang

"I die" is one of the many Zoe-isms (along with "bananas" and "major") and Harper's Bazaar decided to create a shoot around the celebrity stylist's dramatic phrase featuring designers like Francisco Costa, Brian Atwood, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. See the full slide show of the shoot, photographed by Douglas Friedman, here.

{Photos via Harper's BAZAAR}


Rema said...

Funny, dramatic, and fabulous. Bravo, Harper's Bazaar!