What Would You Choose?


Since this is officially our Hurley week, I've taken the time and perused through website picking out items that I would love to see take up residence in my closet. Sigh...and Christmas is such a long way off. The above items are four of my favorites and I'll tell you why. The gray Winchester Woven Jacket looks as if it will keep me cozy, while still keeping me stylish. In other words I won't look like I'm overstuffed, but I also won't have to borrow Matt's coat. The yellow tank top: opposite effect. Loose, cool, roomy..plenty of room to hide that burger I just wolfed down, plus it's yellow AND striped. Can't go wrong there. The red Wilson Long-Sleeved shirt would look great over a white tank top and just because Matt looks great in this style of shirt doesn't mean that I can't! Lastly, the Lowrider shorts. They are still short, but manage to also be classy. And the black? Goes with everything...you can't lose. So there you go, my outfit is planned. What would you choose from Hurley's website? Also, don't forget to enter our own Hurley giveaway and to win an entire ensemble!

{Images via Hurley}


katie said...

I have the jacket in yellow!Iits adorable and I have received so many compliments... it kept me warm on my recent trip to South Africa. All are cute... love the red Wilson Long-Sleeved shirt

Kat said...

looooove the jacket

Giules said...

I LOVE them all!! Thanks so much for showing me Hurley has such cute clothes!! I definitely will be visiting their website now :) Xo