The Wedding Festivities Begin!


How is it possible that weekends scurry by so quickly? I had a wonderful time in Santa Clarita with my cousin Angela and we showered her with glorious gifts and plenty of useful "if he asks you to pull his finger, don't fall for it, probably means he's going to fart." Or..wait...maybe that's just my darling husband. In any case the presentation was wonderful, with much thanks going to my mom and aunt. The mini-tea sandwiches were delicious, I am determined to steel the recipe for the apricot chicken salad sandwich made by Angela's sister-in-law. I'm also going to post some of her beautiful photos from the event later on this week. So stay tuned. Hope you had a lovely shower, up: the bachelorette party!


Kat said...

glad you had fun!

Lindsay With An "A" said...

My bachelorette party was this past weekend in Vegas, and I was JUST saying this morning how quickly the weekend went by...too quickly!! It's sad!

angie said...

two peas in a pod on my porch! love it... and love YOU!! thanks for being such an amazing cousin and friend! xoxo