Sleepy Head


I didn't grow up with a television in my room, so for most of my life I fell asleep looking something like this. Ian, on the other hand, needs the noise of the television in the background to fall asleep. Negotiations will have to be made when we move in together (eeps which is happening soon!). Either way, I was up too early yesterday and crawling back into bed with my book sounds heavenly right now. Time for another cup of coffee!

{Photo via dress, design & decor via simply seductive}


Lindsay With An "A" said...

Love that picture! :) I have to fall asleep with a TV on in the background, or else I am stuck making lists in my head....thinking about that day....thinking about tomorrow...or planning my Nov. wedding in my head! ha

SAMI. said...

i used to fall asleep to the gentle sounds of the television, but then i moved out and started paying my own electric bill! i don't even have a tv in my room! all tv watching has been replaced by blog trolling! hahah

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