The End of an Era


{From left: Katie, Savannah, Lacey, me}

My roommates and I are going out to dinner tonight for one last hurrah before we move out of our cute little beach house in Pacific Beach. We have been living together since the summer after graduation and I really have no idea where the past two years went. Either way, I don't think I would have made it through my first few years of "real life" without these girls!

I am also excited to announce the winner of this week's giveaway from DapperPaper: Katie (as in my roommate pictured above). How perfect is that?

Have a good weekend readers. Along with packing, I will be heading to the races in Del Mar this weekend. What are your plans?


katie said...

This post is so bitter-sweet for me... I would need a million thank you cards to say "thanks" to you girls for the past two years.

Susan said...

you girls have shared such a special time---what pretty girls you are---inside and out.

Lacey said...

is it weird that i got teary eyed reading this!!

Savannah said...

Reading this late and still tearing up. These last two years have been ones that I will never forget. I wish we could go back and start all over. I guess this is a new chapter we're all having to start, although I don't know how excited I am at this point to do so. I love you all.