Countdown to Napa


{From top: Kristine, Claire, Whitney, Daniela, yours truly, Jacqueline}

Next month I will be traveling to California wine country, Napa, with the lovely ladies pictured above. I bought my flight this week and cannot wait for a weekend of wine tasting and other shenanigans! This photo was taken during our last reunion in San Francisco and Santa Cruz. In case you're wondering, yes, we set a timer and captured this ourselves. (It took three tries!)

The winner of this week's Hurley giveaway is, drum roll please: Whitney! A big thanks to Hurley for sponsoring this giveaway and to all of our readers for commenting! Check back next week for a special Monday giveaway and another Hump Day Giveaway.


Susan said...

you girls are too cute!! What a wonderful friendship you all share---

Daniela said...

yay! cant wait

Whitney said...

woo!! thanks Kirb! See in in one month!

E Claire said...

omgosh! can't believe i just saw this... love the shout out! and Whit, can't believe you won... amazing!!!