The Wooden House


{The Wooden House in Knox-Henderson in Dallas, Texas}
{The owner, my brother Steve Brooks, with The Wooden House mascot, his dog Cayden. Photo via D Magazine}
{Hand-carved, painted cabinet made of recycled teak from Northern India}
{Solid wood farm dining table and chairs}
{Teak root bench --you can't see from the photo but there is a heart cut-out naturally in the wood behind the pillow!}
{100-year old teak bench from a Dutch farm in Java, Indonesia}

It makes it pretty hard to pick up the cookie cutter designs found at IKEA when your brother owns a home furnishings store featuring unique, handmade items from India, Indonesia, China and more. Nothing against the Swedish megastore, but given the choice between a difficult-to-assemble desk or a 100-year-old, solid wood colonial one from The Wooden House, it isn't a difficult choice to make.

Less than a year ago, my brother Steve Brooks packed up his Malibu home and moved to Dallas, Texas, opening The Wooden House in the Knox-Henderson area not long afterward. Steve travels to far-off lands to pick up quality used or reclaimed solid wood furniture and other home items every two months (I have been campaigning to accompany him on a buying trip for months so stay tuned!).

Most of the furniture at The Wooden House is made of mahogany or teak, and Steve finds these treasures anywhere from homes and street markets to rail yards and ports. The pieces—which mirror European construction techniques and styles ranging from Art Deco to Queen Anne—are brought to the States and are cleaned, buffed and polished before being placed on the floor. Despite the time and effort devoted to each piece at The Wooden House, Steve offers a variety of price points—making the store appealing to twenty-somethings like myself as well as decorator-toting big spenders.

Since I'm not in the market for any major pieces of furniture quite yet, I usually pick up smaller home-d├ęcor items when I am visiting Steve (and his dog Cayden, both pictured above) in Dallas. On my last visit, I picked up a set of four hand-blown wine glasses that Steve found in Guadalajara, Mexico, while some of my other favorites include tree-trunk stools, antique knobs and iron wine racks.

Visit The Wooden House website for more information!


Susan said...

This is the coolest store ever---if you ever find yourself in Dallas, you must check it out!!!

Ghaziani said...

Wow, looks very beautiful.